Conscious creation

Living a happy , peaceful and prosperous life is the dream of each and everyone of us.But how many of you believe that it is your birthright?Yes , inorder to live your dreams , you should first believe that you deserve it.You love to live a good life but you keep doubting whether you deserve it or not,then how would you get that life?Here belief is the key.

1 Believe in yourself.

2.Believe that you deserve it.

3.Believe in God/Universe

4.Believe in the process.

Your subconscious mind maybe conditioned with self limiting believes.You can consciously replace them with positive mental attitude through consistent practice.Here consistency is the key.Belief is a thought that we develop by continuously thinking about it on a daily basis.

Thoughts becomes beliefs.Believes leads to actions.Actions leads to outcomes.Create what you desire by thinking about it in your mind.Change your thoughts to change your life.You hold the key to your thoughts and beliefs. Create a positive mental picture about you and your. Positivity is a choice.

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