Self improvement

Theme of the day: Self improvement Activity of the day: Read your favorite book. Do your favorite work out. Eat your favorite food. Spend time in nature. Write down your goals and ideas. Write down your accomplishments . Write down a summary about your day. Express gratitude for all your accomplishments. 🙏

Self responsibility

Theme of the day: Self responsibility Today promise your self to take responsibility for all your actions through out the day.Things you can be responsible for everyday your thoughts Your words , Your happiness , Your actions Your safety ( especially during Covid 19 corona virus 🦠 disease;frequent hand wash with soap and water or … Continue reading Self responsibility

How to reprogram your subconscious mind for success?

Have you ever wondered why it is taking so long to manifest all your dreams and goals? Your answer is here. Read on to find out more .If you want to achieve your goals and dreams the most powerful way is to get it done by using the power of your subconscious mind.It is not … Continue reading How to reprogram your subconscious mind for success?

Happy Holi wishes

Holi is the festival of love and colors . All the colors of Holi symbolizes positivity, happiness, prosperity and gratitude. It signifies the victory of good over evil and preludes the arrival of spring. It's also celebrated as a thanksgiving for good harvest in many parts of India. Wishing all my friends who are celebrating … Continue reading Happy Holi wishes

Earth our home !

Theme of the day: Save our home 🌎There are several ways to save our planet ; 1. planting more trees, 2.reducing the use of plastic, 3.keeping our surrounding clean, 4.reducing pollution of land, water and air by proper disposal of garbages. Activity of the day:Minimize the use of plastic;plastic cups, plates,bags If you are using … Continue reading Earth our home !

Self acceptance

Theme of the day: Self acceptance Activity of the day: Take a piece of paper and fold it into two halves. On the first half of the sheet make a list of ten qualities about you that you like ( strengths) and qualities that you dislike ( weakness). Read them out loud one by one … Continue reading Self acceptance

Happy women’s day

Qualities of a strong woman 👩🏻: 1.Love’s unconditionally 2. Laugh’s her heart out 3.Carries herself nicely 4. Takes good care of herself and her loved ones 5.Empowers herself 7.Stays grateful and grounded, 8.Takes time for herself 9.Cries not because she is weak but because she is strong enough to forgive 10.Forgives herself and others 11.Lift’s … Continue reading Happy women’s day

Self appreciation

Theme of the day: Self appreciation Throughout this day don’t forget to appreciate yourself unconditionally for everything you do or accomplish. After finishing each and every little task( cooking, cleaning,studying, exercising , praying,reading or finishing work on time or for every single things that you do) compliment yourselves by saying this in your mind: “Yes … Continue reading Self appreciation

Self worth

Theme of the day: Self worth Activity of the day: Throughout this day say in your mind: I am worthy. I am worthy of all good things that life has to offer.I am worthy of love ❤️, peace, happiness, wealth and success.I am not going to settle for any things less than my worth.I … Continue reading Self worth

Self confidence

Theme of the day: Self confidence Activity of the day: Activity of the day: Walk with head up high, smile at everyone you meet, when you speak look into the other persons eyes and speak . At the end of the day please don’t forget to share how you felt after doing this activity. Thank … Continue reading Self confidence