Daily lock down routine- Day 3

Back with my lock down daily routine day three 7:30AmAwake from sleep a little while late . Thankful for a good night sleep and rest. A thankful welcome for the new day and new beginnings and opportunities. I believe that each day brings to us new beginnings and opportunities. Made our bed. 7:45 AM Slowly … Continue reading Daily lock down routine- Day 3

How to use the power of self love to manifest your dreams?

I am a self love advocate and I always practice self love and encourage others to practice self love. So today let's see how we can use the power of self love in the form of an affirmation to achieve our dreams and goals. It may seem simple but believe me it is really powerful. … Continue reading How to use the power of self love to manifest your dreams?


Theme of the day: Kindness Throughout the day be kind to your self and others. Even if you make some mistakes or failed to accomplish anything or feel lazy , just know that it is okay and say to yourself; it is okay "I made mistake , I forgive myself and I love myself". Be … Continue reading Kindness

Ho’oponopono prayer.

Ho'oponopono prayer or technique is a Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness and reconciliation. It is very easy to practice and can be done in four steps. Step 1. Iam sorry Step 2. Please forgive me Step 3. Thank you for forgiving me Step 4. I love you It can be use to improve any situation in … Continue reading Ho’oponopono prayer.